Lapis Sophorum

by Rubedo

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    Lapis Sophorum

    Referencing François Truffaut's frequent protagonist in "Antoine Doinel," Rubedo strikes a somber and wistful chord early on with Kyle Gray's understated vocals, which recall the slight quaver of Mercury Rev's Jonathan Donohue. "Revelation of the Sun" is a roller coaster of intensity and tranquility, with a hint of Pink Floyd's abrasively psychedelic "Careful With That Axe Eugene" in the short screams of horrified self-realization toward the end of the song. The more conventionally structured "As Though Love Were Burning His Body" gives a sense of interrupted peace with an interesting mixture of jazz-like textures and countrified melody. The faintly luminous "Abaissement du Niveau Mental" ends things with a final crashing catharsis to resolve the album's tangled web of complicated and conflicting emotions.

    - Tom Murphy Thursday, Sep 16 2010

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released April 1, 2010


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Rubedo Denver

Rubedo is the physical manifestation of sound streaming from the psyche of its members. This is the alchemy of rock and roll.

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Track Name: Antoine Doinel
i stood on the coast at the end of my road and stared out into the distance beneath a blanket of sky and wave crashing white i was somewhere in-between the moon she stood high as my only bride and i realized there's no more running in the darkest of places there's always a little light poor antoine doinel what you are running from your heart will always tail poor poor antoine this life's a strange and beautiful hell.
Track Name: Guise Of A Traveling Scholar
why all this talk of inspiration it never comes to people who delay wander swiftly yet observing well from heaven through the world to hell man errs so long as he will strive art is long life is short when the soul is torched with passion's flame we look around and ask who burns the same here is a plain man's real paradise great and small in a riot of fun here i am a man and dare to be one man errors so long swinging like a hangman one leg off a fool one day i will be until then i pay my dues again the sun will rise to flood light on empty tombs give new life to these shadows battles reflecting with inner ones here i am a man and dare to be man errors so long and you will never attain it unless you know the feeling man errors so long as he will strive trust yourself and you'll know how to live as soon as you trust in your self you will know how to live postcard addressed from the other side revive my action awaken now cuz there is no more time within my breast two souls reside man errs so long as he will strive
Track Name: Revelation Of The Sun
not that it's old just that it's been done base metal to gold are you really the one who claims that you'll save the world as if it was your own times tale again told as you sold your soul just to be love all is fair in love and war and this is revolution oh no you look for a face to embrace but that's the trouble son it's easier said than choose your own grail from seven different had your fill of fools gold though it's still keeping you on the run the devil has won there are eyes veiled from the sun this house is a holy place from ceiling to floor inside your own chambers discover a door you've never seen before book shelves and cases in basements you cage a beat neglectfully grown with a guide on your shoulder you swore it was the holy ghost ours is an opus of alchemy psychology of jung virtue volatile philosophy reflect on dreams and the stars still all the time i hold my love how did you get so lonely girl seems like we're on two different worlds how did you get so lonely girl know that it's not just the end of the world how did you get so lonely girl seems like we're on two different worlds how did you get so alone just know that we're both still around the devil has won
Track Name: As Though Love Were Burning His Body
i am distressed for thee my brother you will be in the end just what you are but you will never link a heart to heart unless out of your heart you freely speak the poisoner laughed with a murderous glee he's pipping his last said she i don't think much of what i know i don't imagine i could show how men could ever mend their ways or help them on to better days but you will never link a heart to heart unless out of your heart you freely speak no refreshment ever will be yours unless deep from your soul it gushes first the poisoner laughed with a murderous glee he's pipping his last said she as though love were burning his body
Track Name: Abaissement Du Niveau Mental
i thought that love was blind i never knew when to let it lead me out of this broken cell although i had the time time and space let's forget it define divine without any doubt life would be so short without any memory we would only live for right now life will deal you short and how more times than many i should have held when i folded out

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